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TransUnion Interactive, Inc. understands the confidentiality of information contained in credit reports, and we safeguard the privacy of all information you provide to this website.

Identity Verification System
TransUnion uses an Identity Verification System in order to protect your security and privacy. Our Identity Verification System seeks to confirm that your personal credit report is being viewed by YOU. When a customer requests a credit report, our Identity Verification System is intended to confirm the customer's identity through a series of questions derived from a combination of credit and non-credit sources. If the customer cannot provide the correct information, the system does not allow that person to view the report. (Please Note: If you are currently in the identity verification process and you need help, please contact our Customer Service Team.)

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Encryption
To ensure that your credit information remains secure and confidential, TransUnion Plus uses programs that encrypt the data you provide on the order form before transmission to TransUnion Plus. Encryption is a way of coding the information in a file so that if it is intercepted by a third party as it travels over a network, it cannot be read. Only the person or persons that have the right type of decoding software can unscramble the message. Thus, your encrypted information can only be read by TransUnion Plus. Questions or concerns about the TransUnion Plus's security system? Please contact the Customer Service Team.